“Summary of the project”

The project I WILL BE IN BUSINESS WORLD has been drawn with the intention of bringing students (aged 12-14) from different European countries ( Greece, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey) closer, creating space for learning from each other and gathering so as to work on common goals:

- to endow students with tools to develop their sense of initiative

- to discover and explore opportunities that the UE gives

- to spread tolerance and popularize diversity juxtaposing European cultures

- to give space for international collaboration with the richness of cultures

- to improve communicative and language skills of students

- to gain some knowledge connected with entrepreneurship

- to spread the idea and knowledge of start-ups

- to focus on the development of creativity and critical thinking

- to form ground for cooperation between schools and local entrepreneurs.

Students will get acquainted with entrepreneurship and will become more knowledgeable about what a start-up is, what resources are necessary to initiate it and how they can promote and advertise it.

By providing young people with models of enterprises, organizing meetings with local entrepreneurs and setting the frame for initiatives, we want to give them a chance to acquire a sense of direction and purpose of the future.

The project will make students more aware of cultural diversity. Moreover, they will also have a unique occasion to learn from one another and implement role models they may find in other countries. There are five transnational events planned. International cooperation will give the space to develop their creativity, will help to get rid of negative stereotypes and boost their confidence.

The task we are facing complies with the Recommendation 2006/962/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2996 on key competences for lifelong learning.

The partner organizations are:

2nd Primary School of Iraklia - Greece

Zespol Placowek Oswiatowych in Platerow - Poland

           Agrupamento de Escolas do Vale de S. Torcato in Guimarães - Portugal

           Scoala Gimnaziala "Grigore Moisil" in Ploiesti - Romania

           Huseyin Ayaz Ortaokulu in Istanbul -Turkey.


Logo made by Romania.


“The project is funded by the European Union during the Program Erasmus+.”